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Let's ride.

I’m no stranger to moments that change your life in an instant. Three years ago, my entire life changed in a moment I can’t even remember. During a normal day, a day like any other spent skateboarding in my free time, I went skateboarding to have fun. On this particular ride, I was doing just that, up until I fell around a corner, slid into the oncoming lane, and under a truck whose driver had the sun in his eyes. I don’t remember any of it.

The most sobering part of the experience for me is when I went back up the road for the first time after the accident and saw the chalk outline of my body on the pavement. My entire life changed and it was up to me whether that change was positive or negative. I knew this was a defining moment in my life but I didn’t want it to come to define me.

I'm Tara Tate and this is why I ride.


Wheels over Paradise

"Wheels Over Paradise” is the story of an outlaw group of downhill skateboarders in Santa Barbara, California, an area which attracts speed-loving skaters from around the globe. The film follows these daring athletes as they continue to push downhill to new levels while dodging the risk of death on a daily basis.

No Comply

A documentary style music video series by musicians Cash + David, directed by Sleepy Puppies. I served as the consultant between the skaters/actors and Sleepy Puppies, providing information and guidance within the expansive and ever-growing world of female skateboarding for the production group's vision for the video.

Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word: Skateboarder Tara Tate on Cheating Death, "I'm Not Afraid to Skate Again." // January 13, 2016

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The Bleeding Edge: What would you do if you woke up tomorrow knowing you'd cheated death? Having that knowledge sets you up to perceive the highest of highs and the lowest of lows from an entirely new vantage point. You have to make a choice - do you thrive? Or is this where your life truly ends? This talk walks you through my active decision to live a life with renewed purpose post-accident, pushing past fear, and what it means to me to get back up and ride. We'll discuss how to face the harsh realities that life and death toss in our path and how to navigate them in the most optimal (yet honest) way possible. 

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Speaker Bio: Tara is an athlete, a skateboarder and eight-year competitive snowboarder. She is currently the Women's Category Lead Consultant for Arbor Collective (an action sports and lifestyle brand) where Tara advocates for women’s action sports. When she's not working, she's a professional pizza connoisseur and can be found adventuring with her pup Harper.

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